Born in Munich, Germany, Jordan Carver is a glamor model that’s appeared in popular UK magazines like Lads and Slitz. She is finally breaking through in the US and her trip to Oktoberfest was recently featured on the Playboy website The Smoking Jacket. Jordan is our crush today in preparation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. If any woman can act as constant reminder as to the importance of healthy breasts, it’s Jordan.

Look at her. She looks incredibly healthy. She must check herself at least two to three times a day. We’d personally like to offer our services in checking those yabbos the other hundred times per day. Oh you didn’t hear? Doctors now recommend that women with 32HH breasts and over get a breast exam no less than a hundred times per day, preferably done by complete strangers or lonely bloggers. It’s the only way to get an honest and thorough exam.

Once that’s over, it’s our turn. Oh you didn’t hear? Doctors recommend men checking for testicular cancer no less than a hundred times per day. A majority of those times with the assistance of a kickball-chested woman. It’s people helping people. Technically, people handling people.