Kennewick police have arrested a man on outstanding warrants after receiving a tip from Adult Protection Services about a suspicious man staying with, and taking advantage of, a 77-year-old woman who had been giving him shelter for SEVEN weeks and had already allegedly given him about $6,000.

The woman told police a person at the church she attends encouraged her to let him stay a few nights. That turned into almost 2 months and the woman was upset the man was still in her home. She allegedly has already given him $6000 in cash and also has helped him pay his court fines.

Kennewick police are also investigating the possible theft of some of the woman's jewelry.

When contacted by police, 47-year old James L. Powell of Kennewick was found to have a felony warrant and three misdemeanor warrants out for his arrest. He was taken into custody without incident and booked.

A neighbor helped the woman get a no-contact order to prevent him from returning if he gets out of jail on bail.


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