A Kennewick man is behind bars charged with Possession of a Stolen Vehicle. 33-year-old Jose Antonio Sanchez was taken into custody early Wednesday, just after 1 am. When Sanchez realized Police may be onto him, he parked the car and entered a residence.

Dave Allen

An alert Pasco Police Officer spotted the stolen white Nissan Versa in the 400 block of West Sylvester, right across from Pasco's City Hall. As the Officer approached the parked car in the roadway, Sanchez ran from the sidewalk jumping into the vehicle to re-park it next to the curb. Sanchez then continued inside a residence.

The officer ran a check on the license plate and it was indeed reported stolen. More officers arrived to assist. They surrounded the house and a female resident exited the home informing Police a man she didn't know just went inside.

Moments later, Sanchez was arrested with the stolen car keys in his pockets.

Credit: Pasco Police Department.

Sanchez was transported to the Franklin County Jail for Possession of a Stolen Vehicle.

Check out the comical report from the Pasco Police Facebook page below.

CAR THEFT SUSPECT ARRESTED: Suspect Jose Antonio Sanchez, DOB 111887 of Kennewick, was arrested early Wednesday morning...

Posted by Pasco Police on Wednesday, February 10, 2021

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