A 20 year old mystery on the origin of 'Kennewick Man' aka 'The Ancient One' has finally been solved

A group of Danish scientists have proven through high tech DNA that the remains are conclusively Modern Native American. The ancient skeleton was found along the shore of the Columbia River in Kennewick 20 years ago. The bones have been the subject of debate since the discovery because scientist initially believed them to be of Asian or Polynesian descent.

(Photo by Chip Clark, Smithsonian Institution)

The Yakima Nation released this press release today demanding the bones returned to the for burial:


The Yakama Nation demands the immediate return of the Ancient One—who is commonly known in the non-Indian world as “Kennewick Man”—so proper repatriation and reburial may be urgently carried out on his behalf.

As Indigenous Peoples our relationship to these lands goes back since time immemorial with all that encompasses such lands. Our relationship with our surroundings is governed first and foremost by natural law. We come from the land, and after our time on these lands, we return to the land; just as the Ancient One did.

Historically and currently our relationship with the land has been impeded by unnatural elements and proponents of scientific study. So to has the Ancient One’s relationship with the land been impeded.

The Yakama Nation is sharing with you that the continued advocacy of such studies involving the remains of the Ancient One will only lead to confusion and dishonor to everyone involved.

After nearly 20 years has passed since the unearthing of our relative, it is now society’s own science that is telling all individuals what was expressed since the beginning from the Yakama People:

That the Ancient One is our relative, and anything but the immediate return and reburial of our relative is a continued act of dishonor by all individuals and parties involved.

We are asking the United States Army Corps of Engineers to immediately act upon the laws that empower them to exercise their legal discretion in light of this new information proving our connection to the Ancient One, and finally return our relative for proper repatriation and reburial to occur.

We are asking for the scientific community to immediately stand down with the continued advocacy of study of our relative.

We are asking every individual who understands right from wrong to join in the effort to repatriate and seek immediate reburial of our relative.

It is time for all parties involved to act honorably, and the only honorable action here is to return the Ancient One to us and permit his immediate reburial where he belongs.