Korn’s Jonathan Davis has still got the life in him! During the band’s April 29 set at Rockville 2012 in Jacksonville, Fla., the singer took offense to those who “take offense.”

The vocalist wandered over to the side of the stage at Metro Park and picked up a sign left for the performers that stated “no cussing” and then proceeded to tear it up during the band’s cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2.’ Check out a fan-filmed video of Davis’ anti-cussing antics below.

After the concert, Davis made an even bigger statement on the matter via his Twitter account. He posted, “Walked on stage tonight in Jacksonville FL. They had ‘NO CUSSING’ signs on the monitors. WTF!!!!!!!! Thought we lived in the USA MOTHERF—ERS. I pick up the sign during ‘Brick in The Wall,’ held it up for the fans to see I sang ‘we don’t need no thought control’ and tore it to shreds. F— them, I added even more ‘cussing’ to the set.”

By now Korn’s penchant for swearing should be a given. If you need another example, check out their recent lyric-focused version of “Chaos Lives in Everything” for the Amp Rock TV series ‘The Words.’

Korn are currently touring in support of ‘The Path of Totality,’ which recently won the Revolver Golden God for Album of the Year, ‘ The group’s current leg runs through May 10 in Sayreville, N.J., with a pair of Canadian shows next month and July 28 appearance in Madison, Wis., before heading overseas in August. Plus, Davis’s DJ alter ego, JDevil, will be part of the Mayhem Festival Cruise in December.

Watch Jonathan Davis Curse out a “No Cussing” Sign in Jacksonville, Fla.