In a new video, Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis explains the significance behind the name of their latest album, the dubstep-infused ‘The Path of Totality.’

Korn’s approach on their tenth studio album was anything but business as usual. The project began as an experiment which had the band working with dubstep artists on what was initially intended to be an EP. Impressed with the results, the band expanded their efforts to a full-length release called ‘The Path of Totality.’

Musical differences aside, the album’s title itself stands out amongst other Korn records because of it’s serious and esoteric tone. Jonathon Davis admits that when choosing the title — he didn’t know what it meant either.

“[Munky] brings me a list of about twelve different titles and the first thing I looked at was like in the middle of the page — ‘The Path of Totality.’ And I said ‘What’s this?’” Davis explains. “[Munky] said, ”The Path of Totality’ is the road you have to take to see a full solar eclipse. Everything has to be aligned right for this eclipse to be seen in full.’ And I said ‘Dude, that’s the name of the album.’”

Davis also explains that the reason the title is so fitting is because the album was a “logistical nightmare” and was often times difficult to execute because of conflicting tour schedules with the artist they collaborated with.

Davis will release his electronic solo debut EP as ‘J Devil‘ later this year — you can hear some of his solo work on the just-released soundtrack to the video game ‘Silent Hill: Downpour.’ Ahead of their upcoming North American tour dates, Korn will embark on a brief European tour later this month.

Jonathan Davis Explains ‘The Path of Totality’