At this point, the members of Metallica are probably very accustomed to being asked the status of their next disc. Their last release was 2008’s ‘Death Magnetic' and fans are clearly hungry for new Metallica music. Not to fear though, drummer Lars Ulrich explains that writing new material has always been part of their game plan.

"We'll always make another record," said Ulrich in a recent interview with The National. "We're certainly not avoiding making another record.” He continued, explaining, “We've been fiddling around a little bit when we have a week here, a week there, but we realized the other day that this movie will take up realistically the next four or five months. But I hope we will get to another record when this movie is over."

Ulrich also talked about the band’s longevity and what the band means to him. “Somewhere along the line we learnt to get along and somewhere along the line we learnt we’d rather be in Metallica than not be in Metallica,” Ulrich shared. “I think we have tremendous respect for whatever it is Metallica means. I’ve never known anything else.”

Ulrich wrapped things up, explaining, “This is the only band I’ve ever been in, since I was 17. So ultimately, you want it to survive, and you figure out what works, what doesn’t work, and what’s best for the band.” He concluded, “Somewhere along, you just figure it out and you pray you have more good days than not.”

Members of Metallica have revealed in past interviews that they’ve already written plenty of new material for their next offering, including more riffs than they know what to do with. The band is reportedly anticipating a release date in 2015.