Each week, 97 Rock not only takes over Jack-sons in Kennewick for Monday Night Football, but we also have an opportunity for you to win $100 or more. The chance to win the cash all depends on how well the two teams play. We take the over/under for the week and add a point. So, if both teams combine to score at least a certain amount of points, then someone wins. If not enough points are scored, the $100 rolls over to the next week. Simple.

Since Houston and New York didn't score enough points in week 5, the $100 rolled over to this week. That meant we had $200 on the line last night, and due to a massive comeback from Denver and a late game pick-six, Jonathan Knight was our big winner!

It's easy to play and even easier to win. Come enjoy $2.50 Budweiser and Bud Light bottles, the $8.95 Triple Cheeseburger combo, win some great prizes from ASportsFanShop.com, take a shot at walking out with some cash...OH, and enjoy some football on one of the HD TV's throughout Jack-sons.

Kickoff each week at 5:30. Be sure to get there early to get a table or call ahead and reserve a table for your group. The place gets PACKED!

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