A prisoner from Walla Walla that served over 8 years of an 11 year sentence and released, was taken back to jail at no fault of his own. The man, Floyd Young Jr, walked out of prison for work release as a free man on Sept. 16 of this year according to reports. He celebrated with his family, got married in October and was planning to start a family but that all changed this week. Officers came to his Medical Lake home and took him back in custody because "they" incorrectly calculated his release date.

The family says "they didn’t give us any contact. They just took him from the car and took him back to Connell. He wasn’t able to contact me or anybody,”“He still hasn’t been able to.” His wife goes on to say “He got released in the community. He did what he was supposed to do. He behaved himself. He grew up. He got married. He wanted to be a man,” “They’re breaking him.”