If you're in the backseat of a cop car, then odds are you probably aren't the brightest of individuals. In this tragic instance, two brothers are arrested after police officers found three bags of cocaine underneath a seat of their vehicle during a routine traffic stop. While in the back of the police car, officers say 23 year old Deangelo Mitchell pulled drugs from his buttocks and talked his brother Wayne Mitchell into eating it. Wayne died within the hour. Now Deangelo, the brother who survived the ordeal, is facing a charge of involuntary manslaughter.

Police in North Charleston are looking for 23-year-old Deangelo Rashard Mitchell. He bonded out of jail on drug trafficking charges on December 1. Police say after toxicology results revealed his 20-year-old brother, Wayne Joshua Mitchell, died as a result of eating cocaine once in hidden in Deangelo's posterior, they have decided to pursue more serious charges.

Investigators announced their plan to charge Deangelo Mitchell with manslaughter at a press conference on Monday.

The substance Wayne Mitchell ingested tested positive for cocaine. According to an incident report, his final moments were spent struggling to hold his head up and struggling to breathe. Officers said he had a blank look on his face and he was bleeding from his mouth when he was removed from the vehicle.

A white, powdery residue was observed in the seat where Wayne sat beside his brother. Deangelo Mitchell told officers Wayne swallowed about an ounce of cocaine.

[Via The Sun Sentinel]