Well, give him credit for originality.  It's too bad many criminals don't put their cleverness towards something good.

A 34-year-old Spokane Valley man has been hit with 12 counts of fraud, identity theft and other charges for allegedly using the last names of numerous Seattle Seahawk players to file bogus Labor and Industries injury claims.  Why? So he could have easier and cheaper access to prescriptions drugs, sometimes for free.

Jeffory Leonard Mock was arraigned on 12 felony counts in Spokane County Superior Court Wednesday.

According to Northwest Cable News:

"According to charges filed by the Washington Attorney General, Mock visited eight Spokane area hospitals and urgent care clinics 17 times between March 2013 and May 2014. Officials said he claimed to have been hurt on the job, usually injuring his back and buttocks while working for a moving, roofing, interior design company or retirement home.

Here in Washington state, workers comp laws allow people to get a prescription if they do not already have an existing claim."

The charges then say Mock allegedly used the last names of former and current Seattle players Steve Largent, Richard Sherman, Russel Okung, among others, and also used the last name of former Mariner Mark Langston.

What finally tripped up Mock was the sometimes bogus former employers he listed on the claims, some were businesses that didn't exist.  Investigators began digging into his claims after they found Mock either never worked at some of the companies, or the telephone numbers were no longer in service.

In addition, authorities checked numerous medical facilities and found they had treated Mock for some of these alleged ailments, but the medical personnel suspected he was faking just to get medications and stopped treating him.  Officials did not say how long a jail sentence he was potentially facing if found guilty on most or all of the charges.

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