Back in September Lou Reed and Metallica put out a demo clip of the song 'The View' from their upcoming collaboration album 'Lulu'. It was...interesting to say the least. Although the album will not be released until Tuesday, November 1st, the album has been made available for streaming for free online. Wait...Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich, who single-handedly led the charge against Napster and the free online sharing of music, is allowing this? Yeaop. That's probably because he knows it sucks.

Metallica and Reed performed live at the 25th Anniversary of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame back in 2009. The performance just seemed awkward, but apparently Metallica and Reed felt the need to create an album together.

Take a listen to 'Lulu' for yourself at I guess if you are a Lou Reed fan, this may be up your alley, but I have a feeling most Metallica fans won't be rockin' out to 'Lulu' much...if at all.

Tell us your thoughts about the album in the comments below, and I'll leave you with one of my all time favorite and original viral videos, 'Napster Bad'. Glad you could change your mind and join the rest of the world online, Lars. GOOD!

Warning: Explicit Language

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