Mid Columbia Mastersingers artistic director Justin Raffa thought he was being spammed when he was contacted by a certain band's management to have his organization sing on stage with said certain group that has a reputation for bringing local singers out for a special local flavor during their performance. That group is Foreigner. He decided to follow up for the heck of it, and by golly, it turned out be the real deal.
The problem? Only 25 of the 150 members of the Mastersingers can fit on stage with Foreigner Sunday night at Legends Casino in Toppenish. No robes, just dressed in black to perform, I'm sure, "I Want to Know What Love Is," plus hopefully at least one other number. There will be one quick rehearsal Sunday afternoon and then "plug and play," when it's showtime!
Founded in 1986, Mid-Columbia Mastersingers is an auditioned community chorus based in the Tri-Cities, they are dedicated to performing with the highest accomplishment, to bringing music from a variety of styles and periods to their audiences, and to expanding the public's appreciation of the joy of choral music.
Only a handful of single-seat tickets are left for the Sunday Foreigner show, a sell-out is expected.

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