A freshman walked up to a table in his Marysville-Pilchuck High School cafeteria (north of Everette, Washington) before 11 a.m. and shot up to six classmates.

The shooter died a self-inflicted wound after killing a girl. Two boys and two girls were taken to a local hospital. Three are in critical condition with gun shot wounds to the head. According to The Seattle Times, one boy and one girl are out of surgery, a girl was still in surgery as of Friday afternoon and a boy was shot in the jaw and is out of surgery in serious condition.

At a noon press conference police said they believe only the one shooter was involved. Classmates are identifying him as Jaylen Fryberg.

As the school was evacuated students and faculty were found hiding all over the campus. When the shots were first fired kids scrambled -- some into the hallway, some out of the building. Witnesses reported hearing four to six shots.

The condition of the other victims is not known although some media are reporting a third is in critical condition.

A classmate believed Fryberg killed a girl who refused to date him.

The shooter was on the freshman football team. His grandfather is director of fish and wildlife for the Tulalip Tribe.