Walla Walla Police and other law enforcement officers say it's likely the most brutal slaying they've seen in the area.

You may recall Monday of this week a woman who lived in a home at 331 South 4th called 911 after returning home around 6pm, only to find her roommate missing, the house trashed, and blood all over the place.

After an investigation police now say they have a man in custody, and the details are gory. 23-year-old Colby Hedman of Heppner, OR was captured in Oregon after authorities pinged his cellphone, and he was driving the victim's truck. The murdered man, Kyle Martz, was seen Sunday evening. Hedman reportedly was last seen Sunday evening, then Hedman was seen by neighbors Monday. He reportedly asked the neighbors to borrow some tools, he had some work to do. Hedman reportedly smoked some pot with them, then was seen leaving in Marz's truck.

When police investigated they found a padlock that had not been on an outbuilding, garage.  Police smelled bleach in the area. When they broke open the building, they found the bloody tools, including a shovel and ax, then what appeared to be dismembered human remains inside a freezer.

Hedman was arrested in Southern Oregon after having dumped Marz's car. He had stolen two other vehicles in his effort to escape but was finally caught alongside I-84 after ditching a car and running.

Now he's facing multiple charges including First Degree Murder. Police did not say what if any connection there was between the suspect and victim, or why the incident may have occurred.

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