A man was left confused after his neighbor demanded her son be paid to mow his lawn, even though he didn't need the service.

Taking to Reddit, the man shared how he is completely capable of taking care of his own lawn. However, for some reason his neighbors demanded he pay her son $15 per week for lawn service.

The man wasn't willing to shell out cash for something he doesn't want, making life in his neighborhood very uncomfortable.

"I cut my own lawn, always have," the man wrote in his Reddit post. "A neighbor kid came to my door last week and asked if I wanted him to cut it for me once a week for $15 each time."

The man said no. "My yard isn't big, and it takes me maybe 45 minutes, that's if I'm really thorough. Otherwise, I can get it done in a half-hour."

He continued: "Well, the neighbor kid left, and life went on. Then, on Sunday, his mom came to my door and offered her son's services again. I said thanks but no thanks."

The neighbor "went on to explain that he's already doing her yard, my next-door neighbor (the house between us), and my next-door neighbor on the other side. She said it would be easier for him to just go straight across all four yards instead of having to do two, shut the lawnmower off, and do the other house. I just kinda shrugged and said, 'Sorry, but I'm good,'" he explained.

"Today, my next-door neighbor brought it up and said, 'He's a kid trying to make some extra money. Help him out and don't make his life more difficult. It's only 15 bucks a week.'"

But according to the man, "that's 15 dollars I don't want to spend when I can easily do it myself."

His post garnered over 480 comments and left many Reddit users scratching their heads and wondering why the neighbor won't just take no for an answer.

"You shouldn't have to pay for something you don't want," one user wrote. "They need to respect other people's lives and choices."

"Admittedly, I'm kind of a chump for neighbor kids looking for odd jobs and usually oblige them. But $15 a week isn't nothing, especially for a chore you seem to enjoy handling by yourself," someone else weighed in.

"They are basically asking you to give $60 a month for a job you want to do yourself to a kid for pocket money," another commented. "He can easily go to the next house over and ask or put up a flyer around the neighborhood offering the mowing service."

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