Wednesday at a press conference, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said the state will reinstate an indoor mask mandate beginning Friday the 13th.

The mandate will apply to all indoor facilities, and Oregon's OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) will reportedly 'assist' the state with enforcement. There will be fines involved for businesses and other entities who do not enforce it.

The mask mandate applies to all persons ages 5 and older, regardless of vaccination status.

Brown and Oregon officials claim 'surges' of new cases are the reason, plus what they say are lagging vaccination rates.  Oregon has seen 56 percent of all persons become fully vaccinated, while just over 61 percent have had at least one dose (according to

If you ride public transit, the age window begins at two years. Brown said the latest "science" shows both vaccinated and unvaccinated" persons can spread the Delta variant, she said masks were simple and effective.

Oregon Health Officials (OHA) claim 95 percent of new cases come from unvaccinated persons, and hospitals are allegedly seeing full ICU units.  Officials claim hospitals will be overrun unless preventative measures are taken.

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Brown and others said OSHA will 'work' with businesses as they transition back to the mandate, and reportedly will not issue fines for those who appear to be trying to comply with the mandate.

No word was given how long it will be in place.


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