No, this Kennewick location does not suddenly have a "drive-in" to get your coffee!

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Kennewick Starbucks Gets Unexpected Drive-In Customer Monday

The Kennewick Police Department had to respond to a car vs building accident earlier today. When they arrived at the Starbucks location just before Noon on Monday, December 11, 2023, they found a truck had driven into the popular coffee shop through the front door. The accident happened at the Starbucks location on the 6600 block of West Canal Dr just after 11:20 am this morning. Police say that the driver was using a "driver's assist mode" and that was likely the cause for the truck bursting through the entrance and want to warn people with those features in their vehicles. Luckily there was no one hurt in the incident but the store has some construction repairs to accomplish in the future. No word on if or how long that Starbucks location will be closed for repairs.

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