Now that the Seattle Seahawks are rulers of the NFL with an "iron maiden" -like hold on the championship, here are some things to think about if you ever want to mess with the 12th Man. Be a "trooper" and don't think I'm "playing with madness." Think this riff is way out in 12th man la-la land? Well if I'm to roll out a final two maiden riffs....."2 minutes to midnight" is the same as 2 minutes to 12 (th man) and the following insights may make you, "run to the hills," run for your life... now... with "aces high"...


Russell Wilson is #3. He plays 4 quarters. 4 X 3 =12

Seattle scored 43 points in the SB win. 4 X 3 =12

The Seahawks scored :12 into both the first and second halves. (Safety and Harvin)

Russell Wilson threw for 206 yards in the Super Bowl. 206 is Seattle's main area code

Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and Steven Hauschka. 12 is wholly divisible into their jersey numbers

12th Man. 4 Quarters. 12 X 4 =48. Super Bowl 48 was the Hawks' in a rout.

The caveat? The only flaw in my eerie theory: They didn't do it in 2012. No problem. I'll take a year late and a Lombardi Trophy hoist.

With Earl Thomas locked up for 4 more, re-signing Sidney Rice at a drastically reduced-price and Richard Sherman's deal progressing nicely, it seems the only roadblock is getting Wilson locked up. Better for his financial future to have him divorce his wife while he's still only making $550k base salary (but a ton more in endorsements, I get that) but still, if she's going to get half, better it be now than when he signs for -- at worst -- Jay Cutler money, and at best Joe Flacco and Tom Brady money.