A teenage girl from Hermiston County may charges as an accomplice to thefts in the area as a getaway driver and hiding stolen items. Police have arrested 29 year old Guardado-Garcia who faces charges of Burglary and Theft and Criminal Mischief for stealing guns, ammunition,and hunting gear according to news reports. Originally police were investigating a reported burglary from a neighbor and noticed a silver van with a young female driver near the scene. The officer took down the license plate and continued his investigation finding broken windows and signs of a break in.

Neighbors reported seeing a Hispanic male with an injured eye multiple times over the past two day and those descriptions match Guardado-Garcia. Officers tracked down the address to the owner of the silver van and found a 17 year old girl with Guardado-Garcia at the residence. The girl admitted to being the driver of the van and allowed police to search her room, where they found the stolen items. Police say they are still investigating and say it is likely they will charge more people involved.