A Pasco bar stabbing that occurred late Wednesday night was reportedly over an argument concerning Donald Trump.

According to witness reports, 29-year-old Raymond Williams of Richland was drinking at the Dugout bar on Burden near Road 68 and was allegedly highly intoxicated. He apparently was talking about how he was in favor of Trump's proposed policies, which didn't sit well with another patron he was talking with.

According to the Tri-City Herald, another man, 40-year-old Alvaro Compos-Hernandez, walked away after having a disagreement with Williams. The Herald said the two were separated. Williams then supposedly used a racial slur towards Hernandez. Hernandez then turned around and told Williams 'say it again' over and over. They ended up in a fight.

Hernandez then pulled a knife and attacked Williams. He tried to pull a smaller knife to defend himself, but ended up with a gash in his neck. Hernandez was holding a 7.5 inch knife to Williams neck, and he ended up with a one-inch wound near his windpipe.

The two were separated, Williams had to be taken to Lourdes Medical Center. Officials say he was very lucky, it could have been fatal, presuming if it had hit an artery.

Hernandez was booked into the Franklin County jail on First Degree Assault Charges.