A man from Pasco is facing charges that he attacked a "friend's" head with a rock. Reports say that Miguel Adams-Cruz is facing charges after fighting with another man named Guillermo Martinez-Hernandez. When police found Martinez-Hernandez, he was bleeding from his head and said he had been attacked by two me he has know for over 5 years at a bar. He told the officers the mans name was Luis Garcia and gave them a description. Officers then went to the bar and found a guy matching the description but the man had a different name, that man is Miguel Adams-Cruz. Police then took a photo of Adamz-Cruiz to the victim and he identified him as his "friend" Garcia that hit him with a rock.

The "friend" had been using an alias the entire time, and even tried to lie to police saying he had just been drinking all day. Adams-Cruz had been wearing boots at the time of the fight but was wearing tennis shoes when police questioned him, but the boots were found later. Miguel Adams-Cruz is being held on $20,000 bail awaiting trial.