Pasco Police are looking for YOU if the above bicycle is yours. It's a sweet ride and now they are looking for the rightful owner of the bike.

Pasco Police posted on their Facebook in their usual quirky messaging and are asking for the rightful owner of this bike to step up and claim it

credit: pasco police
credit: pasco police

Here is what the Pasco Police posted:

MISSING A COOL BIKE? The line forms on the right, and we’ll expect you to know some details about it. This bike was found under mysterious conditions on Friday in the general area of Road 48 between Court and Sylvester.

The person seen riding it earlier was located and completely denied ever possessing such a bike.

If you do know anything about this bike, please call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 about case 21-10473 Suspicious.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! If you act now, you can also let us know if you recognize this description: brand-new Milwaukee cordless saw with three digits hand-painted on it (identify the digits). This saw involves the same guy, the area of 34/ Marie, the same day.

It's bright green with blue tires and one of a kind. There is also a drill that was recovered by the Pasco Police as well that could be yours too. You'll need to identify both items to take possession of them. If you need more details, reach out to the Pasco Police Department.

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