On Tuesday June 26th, 2012 I experienced a small but very thoughtful gift from a complete stranger. I was taking my son to the Tri-City Dust Devils game and on the way we were talking about how he needs to keep an eye on the shortstop tonight so he can get some tips on how to play the position.

As we pulled up to Gesa Stadium I had my $2 in quarters out and ready to pay the parking attendant, why quarters I have no idea. Just as I was ready to reach out and hand over our parking fee the parking attendant said, "it's your lucky day, the person who drove in before you paid for your parking". Now you can see why it's a small gift but a gift none the less from a complete stranger. I thought to myself what did I do to get this simple gift as there were 2 other vehicles that pulled in before me but chose to go to the other parking attendant. Had it been Karma? Was it just plain luck? Either way I joked about it on my facebook page and got quite a bit of 'LIKES'.

I have been thinking about it a lot over the past 24 hours and to some people it's just $2, but to me it was more than the $2 parking fee it was more than not having to hand over my eight quarters. It meant more to me because my son who was sitting in car with me got to experience something that most people don't see on a regular basis, GENEROSITY!

I explained to him the process of paying it forward and how one good thing shouldn't be stopped right then and there. If you get something given to you unexpectedly you should turn around and give back. You probably won't be able to give back to that person but give back to someone else who may need help more than we did this certain night at the Dust Devils.

Today I want to say 'Thank You' to that person who took it upon them self to leave an unexpected gift with the Dust Devils parking attendant Monday June 26th, 2012, your gift was well taken and will definitely be 'Paid Forward'.