Good news for Pearl Jam fans who've been patiently waiting for information about when we can expect new album: The band will likely hunker down and begin work on the next record, which would be their 10th studio effort, in March. Or at least bassist Jeff Ament will.

These days, Ament is keeping busy with his RNDM side project, but he has said that he will focus his attention and shift his energies on his main band in a few short months. And therein, PJ fans, lies the good news.

“I’m probably not going to get busy with Pearl Jam until March or something,” Ament said in a recent interview with "I’m up for whatever. There’s a little bit of momentum within [RNDM] right now so I think we want to keep it moving."

While that's not exactly a concrete date, it does give fans something to look forward to. Pearl Jam last album, 'Backspacer,' arrived in 2009.

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