#UPDATE Childs Parents have been found. See below. 6:08 am

I was woken up just after 3 am this morning by Kennewick police knocking on my door. They had found a 2-3 year old male child near my house and were trying to find the parents. I told them I would try and get the word out as soon as they post info on their Facebook page. As of now (5:30am), they have still not found the home of this little boy.

"***Child Found***Kennewick Police located a child in the area of W 12th Ave and S Kellogg St and are actively trying to locate their residence. The child appears to be 2-3 years of age, about 2.5 feet tall, thin build, long curly brown hair, light brown skin, wearing black and white striped shirt and black shorts. If you have any information about the child in the mentioned area please contact Kennewick Police at 509-628-0333"

credit Heath Brewster
credit Heath Brewster

Find the link on the Kennewick Pd Facebook here for updates.

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