Air Force One is heading to the Pacific Northwest this weekend! What do you think Obama's "must stop" places are?

The reason for the visit is to meet with the victims of the Umpqua Community College shooting (and probably stump about gun control). Next he'll fly to Boeing Air Field in Seattle and attend a fundraiser for Sen. Patty Murray.

If I flew to Oregon and Seattle and only stopped at a community college and a fundraiser I'd be bummed. Where would you insist on going? Here's mine:

  • Ivar's. They have seafood on the East Coast, but just like you need blue clams in Maryland and lobsters in Maine, you should have some salmon and dungeness crab in Seattle.
  • Sounders game
  • Gas Works Park because I'm the president and I can go to the park if I want to.
  • Visit Bill Gates. I want to tour that house, you want to tour that house. Don't tell me Obama doesn't want to tour that house.