Would you mind, from your ear lobes, the angle of the dangle in the angle of your dangle?

Would you sport golden brass engraved penis earrings? Well, would ya?

Yves Saint Laurent took a pole, uh, poll, and at least their entire staff erupted, "Yes yes yes yes oh yes!" Oh, the company is not the first in this arena, just the latest.

Yves Saint Laurent now quickly comes forth with a pricey penis pendant and engraved golden brass lobe dick danglers. This is not costume jewelry. This is cockstume jewelry.

It's a graphic pair of penis earrings and a penis pendant necklace. The engraved penises are made of golden brass and retail for about $375. The penis pendant price has a real pricker, uh, sticker shock. A huuuge $795. Compensation issues, maybe?

I agree, you've got to pick and choose your spots with these, probably not something to sport when you take Granny out for brunch or let hang there flapping as your boss tries to stay focused on your quarterly performance review. That would be kind of funny, actually.

They are available for purchase online, right now. Granted, these offerings aren't for everyone, but if this is you, you go and do you!

Click the link for more pictures, a very campy video complete with cheesy runway model dance music, if that's a thing, and some fascinating information about the X-rated jewelry business in general.

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