Citizens of Istanbul, Turkey have been in the streets since Monday protesting a planned government shopping plaza in the heart of the city's major green area. By Thursday evening the demonstration had become about more than just the upcoming shopping project as thousands showed up to protest Prime Minister Yayyi Erdogan and the Turkish government's controversial Syrian policies and recent prohibitions and bans put in place on the people.

Today, police continued their violent disbanding of the demonstration by firing water cannons and deploying tear gas into the crowds in and around Taksim Gezi Park leaving numerous injuries and placing dozens under arrest.

"Gas, gas, gas, it is the only way they deal with problems!"Esen Tuna, a 21-year-old architectural student told CNN.

The planned commercial project would also include the rebuilding of the Ottoman barracks. Prime Minister Erdogan says that this is a matter of having "respect for history" and that the protesters are wasting their time. "They can do whatever they want. We've made our decision and we will do as we have decided."