Rage Against the Machine guitar virtuoso Tom Morello brings his message of peace wherever he travels, even when he happens to find himself between two dudes arguing outside his concert. After Morello’s Oct. 25 show at the iconic Troubador in Los Angeles, the self-proclaimed “peacemaker” quickly sprung into action after a heated verbal argument started between a bouncer and a concertgoer.

Tom Morello has used his rockstar status to promote his activism for two decades. Recently, Morello has lent his support to the Occupy Wall Street movement and its national offshoots. Under his pseudonym, ‘The Nightwatchman,’ Morello played a free show at Occupy Wall Street and gave free ‘Nightwatchman’ tickets to Occupy San Francisco and L.A. protesters.

After the L.A. show, Morello fans had gathered outside the venue when an argument between concertgoer and a bouncer. Morello stepped in between the two and attempted to extinguish the argument before a fight could break out. Morello addressed the two, stating, “We’re trying to bring it together here in L.A., we’re not on different sides.” Morello succeeded in bringing the argument to an end, with both men shaking hands and making peace.

While in L.A., Morello joined his 88-year-old mom at the Occupy L.A. protests, reports Rolling Stone.

“This movement is unique in recent history in that it’s identified the correct villain,” Morello tells the rock magazine. “It’s the malfeasance of the bankers and Wall Street super-rich who torpedoed the global economy that’s caused so much human suffering and environmental devastation, and we’re calling them out.”

Watch Tom Morello Break Up a Fight Outside the Troubador