I get the emails and I'm sure you get the emails too, but sadly the odds of you and I winning the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes are pretty nil. There is a new scam going around Tri-Cities so don't get snared in it.

The Kennewick Police Department are reminding folks that you need to be vigilant when receiving notices and emails that you've won money.

facebook/kennewick police
facebook/kennewick police

Here is a recent case that happened right here in the Tri-Cities.

Just a friendly reminder that anytime you receive a phone call or correspondence saying “congratulations you have won money” it is very likely a fraud scheme. In this case, an elderly woman received a fraudulent letter from Publishers Clearing House proclaiming she won $600,000. Enclosed was a check for $9,498.55 to cover “custom taxes and processing fees”. Next she was instructed to call a company representative who would advise her how he could access her bank account so the rest of the funds could be transferred. Had the victim provided her account information or cashed the check, she could have potentially lost a lot of money. This type of fraud happens all too often. In many cases the scammers are from a foreign country and use mass mailings in an attempt entice more victims. We hope that this example will alert anyone who receives this type of correspondence.

Just a heads up, we don't want to see you become a victim of this current scam.


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