Many were calling Rosie Brovent and her poop tattoo the 21st Century version of the ’Scarlett Letter.’ Ok, we were just calling it that around the office.

The story went that Rosie Brovent of Dayton, Ohio, is currently suing her ex-boyfriend/tattoo artist Ryan Fitzjerald for inking a steaming pile of excrement on her after he’d secretly discovered she was cheating on him with his best friend.

According to Brovent, the two had gotten drunk and she contractually consented that Fitzjerald permanently etch a scene from the Narnia Trilogy across her back.  Infuriated by her indiscretion, however, Fitzjerald took some artistic license with the agreed upon design and instead wove a large tapestry of doo-doo as payback.

The original lesson here, kids, was that you should never give someone the power to permanently scar you knowing full well you have wronged them.

The new lesson is that the story is all a load of crap according to The Smoking Gun.

[Via The Smoking Gun]