The Brad: Purple Your Profile
The Brad 'Purple Your Profile'

Why are your friend's Facebook and Twitter profile pictures turning purple? It's to show support for World Cancer Day on February 4. All though the day may have already passed this year, you can still do your part in a just a few simple clicks. Team up with Chevrolet as they use social media to raise $1 million dollars for the American Cancer Society! Since purple is the color of cancer survival, if you add a purple tint to your Facebook and/or Twitter profile picture, Chevy will make a donation on your behalf!

For each person that interacts with "Purple Your Profile", the US auto manufacturer will donate $1. They will be raising funds through 2014 or until they reach their goal of $1,000,000! It will take you less time to make this simple change than it actually did to read this article.

Don't wait - Stop reading and go "Purple Your Profile" now! Also, be sure to share the idea with your friends using #PurpleYourProfile and lets help Chevy's cause to support the American Cancer Society.

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