“Purple Your Profile” & Donate to the American Cancer Society
“Purple Your Profile” & Donate to the American Cancer Society
Why are your friend's Facebook and Twitter profile pictures turning purple? It's to show support for World Cancer Day on February 4. All though the day may have already passed this year, you can still do your part in a just a few simple clicks. Team up with Chevrolet as they use social media to raise $1 million dollars for the American Cancer Society! Since purple is the color of cancer survival,
Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi Receives Cancer Treatment After North American Tour
Black Sabbath just finished up their massively anticipated North American tour on Sept. 3 with a performance at the Los Angeles Sports Arena in California. The string of dates kept Sabbath on the road for about a month-and-a-half, which guitarist Tony Iommi recently described as longer than he would have liked, but still amazing. In fact, Iommi shared that he has already been back to the hospital

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