There is a fight going on in Richland over where people are allowed to smoke outdoors, near parks, and playgrounds. A proposal to ban smoking in Richland near the Hapo Community stage, near playgrounds, and other high pedestrian traffic areas was not passed and sent back for review and changes to be made according to news reports. the board ruled that the new restrictions had too much "government overreach" and was too restrictive on the legal activity of smoking.

Most of Washington including the Tri Cities already has bans for smoking from 20 feet to 25 feet of playgrounds, schools, and places kids congregate. Even though the council thought the bans were too restrictive, the American Cancer Society doesn't think the proposal goes far enough. The Washington government relations director Mary McHale says that "We would like to see 100 percent smoke-free public places including parks throughout our state". Obviously the board sees public health differently.