Richland Police are looking for two persons associated with a recent theft at Fred Meyer.


No word on what items were taken. However, there's pretty good footage of the suspects from the store's surveillance video system. The two exercised their five-finger discount Wednesday morning around 7:30.

Credit: Richland Police Department Facebook Page.

Suspect #1 is pretty colorful, appears to be female. Check out the hair or wig. That is some kind of red. Her shoes appear to be pink and she's wearing jeans and a navy or dark-colored top.

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Suspect #2 appears to be a male with dark hair. He's sporting a dark-colored sweatshirt and gym shorts, with black tennis shoes.

Credit: Richland Police Department Facebook page.

Both masked thieves took off in the car below.

Credit: Richland Police Department Facebook page.

If you can identify either of the suspects, please call Richland Police at 509-628-0333.

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