Around 8:50PM Wednesday evening, Kennewick Police were called to the area of Columbia Drive and Fruitland, over a report that a male driver waved a gun at, and threatened a woman in what's being called a road rage incident.

The woman told police who then began searching for the suspect. The woman provided precise descriptions of the man, the vehicle, and what the gun looked like, according to Sgt. Clem of the KPD.

Around 9PM, while sweeping through Columbia Park as part of the search, officers located the suspect vehicle. 22-year-old David Inthakayson was identified by the victim as the suspect.  He vehicle was also impounded and a search warrant obtained so officers could begin to look for the alleged weapon.

No specific details were released about the road rage incident that led up to the altercation. The case continues to be investigated.

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