A traffic stop due to the driver's inability to stay in his own lane has led to a huge drug bust.

This week, Oregon State Patrol and DEA authorities say two men, one from Yakima, are in jail after officers found over 57 lbs of drugs and thousands of pills in their car.

36-year-old  Daniel Ponce Gonzalez and 20-year-old Benjamin Madrigal Birrueta of Madera, CA were driving on Highway 97 Saturday when an Oregon State Trooper noticed Gonzalez was not consistently traveling in his lane.

A Trooper executed a traffic stop and immediately noticed evidence of possible criminal activity. What that was exactly was not revealed, but after the arrival of other officers, a search turned up a huge stash.

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OSP and DEA Agents found 55 pounds of meth, 2 pounds of cocaine and approximately 1,027 grams of Fentanyl pills. That's enough to make tens of thousands of pills; for example, most doses of this powerful drug are done in micrograms--which are far smaller than a gram.

Where they were arrested specifically was not listed, but both are now in the Klamath County jail awaiting a wide variety of Federal drug charges.


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