According to reports, one of the most popular 'local' Eastern WA coffee house chains will be changing names.

Roaster's Coffee has been sold to a firm from Oregon, Black Rock Coffee Bar but the price has not been disclosed. Black Rock Coffee is overseen in part by former Roaster's President and CEO Derek Tom, who now runs Black Rock's Eastern WA ventures.

Roasters grew from one stand in the Pasco Red Lion Parking lot in 2009, founded by Wes Heyden; a check of the Black Rock online shows they began a year earlier in Beaverton OR.

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According to reports, Black Rock plans to move slowly during the transition, Roaster's employees will be retained.

Black Rock has 80 locations, and officials say it's very similar to Roaster's menu wise. It's estimated it will be a number of months before signage begins to change, and no word on what will happen to the Roasters APP and/rewards program. By comparison, Roasters has 12 locations 1 in Walla Walla and the Spokane area location in Airway Heights.

Black Rock Coffee shows 12 outlets in WA already.


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