Falling in Reverse singer Ronnie Radke has had a busy couple of days, replacing a band member and taking a shot at his former group Escape the Fate.

In Falling in Reverse, Ronnie Ficarro has replaced booted bassist Mika Horiuchi. Radke tweeted the news of the official replacement, simply posting: “Follow @ronnieficarro our new bassist.”

In other news, Radke popped off about his former band in a recent chat with the Dallas Observer. It’s common knowledge that Radke split with ETF and then dropped off the musical radar when he spent over two years in prison. The split with his former bandmates was acrimonious and he admitted they no longer speak. He admitted, “I cut all ties with them. It’s all bad feelings.”

The singer also thinks it’s ridiculous that the band is carrying on with the ETF name due to the membership revolving door, saying, “There’s not really any original band members in that band anymore. All of the original members left and it’s all new members. I don’t know why they are still playing under that name anymore. Clearly, there is not one original member left in that band.”

However, Radke still performs a handful of Escape the Fate songs while on tour and admitted that while he once told fans to stop making fun of his replacement Craig Mabbitt, he no longer dissuades them from doing so, saying, “After I did that, he said ‘Thanks’ and then went online and bashed me. I got tired of trying to be the nice guy.”

Radke also revealed that Falling in Reverse will start recording their second album at the end of the year, using some more of the songs he penned during his two years in the slammer. He admitted that there “were some dangerous times” while he was in the can, and that he had to “defend myself a couple of times.”