‘Survivor: One World’ starts on CBS on Wednesday, February 15th at 8pm. Normally, we couldn’t give two puka shells, but a coworker that is a huge fan of the show made mention of how gorgeous the female contestants are this time around. As a long time viewer, he said this is one of the hotter casts he has ever seen. Well, now we HAVE to go look.

We can’t argue because this is a phenomenal looking cast. We especially can’t argue because we didn’t watch the other eighty seasons so we really can’t speak intelligently on the matter. Not that speaking intelligently ever stopped us from talking before on any topic. The female contestants include the wife of a former NFL quarterback, a medical sales rep and a couple teachers. These are only some of the ladies competing and we are already sold on this season.

Wait, they spend like 99% of the show in bikinis right? Yeah, we are just going to wait in front of our televisions until February 15th. Please send beer and Funyons.

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