Professional poker player Jeff Romano tweeted a picture last night from The Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas showing the interesting, to say the least, recent numbers that came up in Roulette.

On occasion you will see the same number come up consecutively, but this time Red 19 came up seven consecutive times. The odds of this happening for any one number are 1-in-114,415,582,592.

The photo is now raising the question: Was the roulette wheel at the Rio in Las Vegas rigged?

Adding more to this, the number 20 also came up 4 times. Out of 16 spins, the number 19 was hit 8 times and the number 20 4 times. 2 numbers one numeral apart 12 out of 16 times. Someone got paaaaaaid...If anyone placed $1 on Red 19 with 35:1 odds and then let their winnings ride through all the consecutive 19's, they would have walked away with nearly $1.9 Billion! Can I get that in $100's please?

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. Rigged or a stroke of amazing luck? Whats the most money you've ever won in Vegas?

[Via Beyond The Bets]