The Washington State Department of Health is looking into changing the laws about massaging breasts to prevent unwanted touching during massages but may affecting patients that really need help. The new restrictions for massage will be talked about in a public meeting in Spokane on September 9th because of complaints that "massage practitioners have inappropriately touched or massaged their breast in a non-therapeutic manner". The problem is that there are specialized massage designed for breasts that actually help with "breast problems, like lymphedema post-mastectomy and conditions of breast pain" according to sources. Massage helps with swelling and scar tissue that patients have following breast cancer among other things and these new rules would make it a lot tougher to get that kind of treatment.

People in the massage industry, like business owner Sara Nelson of Richland, says they should be focusing on "these businesses that are putting themselves up as massage (parlors) but are actually offering sexual acts" instead of legitimate treatment centers.