I think the St. Louis Rams picking Missouri DE Michael Sam was a steal.

Michael Sam, the football player, put together an incredible 2013 campaign, where he amassed 2013 All-American and SEC co-Defensive Player of the Year honors.

I think any time you can pick up an All-American and SEC co-Defensive Player of the Year with the eighth to last pick, you got yourself a steal.

He was a little under-valued, especially after a poor combine. I saw him going in the fifth round. Most mock drafts had him going in the fourth, even third. Many scouts felt he is small for the position at only 6'2".

On a strictly football level, I love this pick. He's from Missouri, he's a hometown fan favorite. His jersey is the second-best seller among NFL rookies. Some merchants call the demand "ridiculous", with some predicting 25,000 to be sold within the first week. Sam is a good fit in St. Louis. The defensive scheme works well with his skill set.

The Rams may have brought a media circles on themselves, but the Rams picked up a low-risk prospect that could really pay off for them and make the team better. I honestly believe Roger Goodell owes the Rams on this one. Had Sam gone un-drafted, the commissioner would be dealing with some awkward questions about the mindset in the NFL, given recent fiascoes like the one in Miami.

It will be interesting as a fan. I've never had this much un-expected media frenzy circling my team. I made my rounds on CNN and NFL, and both had the Rams in their headlines. SportsCenter is talking almost exclusively about the Rams and Sam. This could be a fun year for Rams fans and Mizzou fans alike.

The Rams win, Sam wins, the NFL wins.


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