Scaregrounds Haunted theme park opens this Saturday at the Benton County Fairgrounds in Kennewick, and you don't want to miss it. It has been expanded to 5 total attractions and so much more to do with 4 complete haunted houses, zombie paintball, and famous scary character selfie stations!

'Terror Behind the Screen' is the original haunted house of Scaregrounds and has been redone in the style of old zombie movies. Described as "Evil lurks in a small cabin deep in the woods. As possessed victims surround you there is only one way out — can you find your way through without becoming possessed yourself?"

'Freak Show', described as "sideshow attractions, twisted food vendors, demented performers and disgusting clowns" is not the place for you if you are scared of clowns..or then again, maybe it is?

'Infected' leads you through a "genetically-engineered virus originally created as a cure for the common cold turns into a lethal strain. It kills 75 percent of those it infects; mutates 23 percent into flesh-eating, zombie-like creatures with incredible strength and speed." Try not to catch the cold and join the Infected!

'Hillbilly Hell' takes you back woods, where you don't want to be. "We dare you to enter the evil realm of Hatchet’s family farm. During the Great Depression William (Billy) Hatchet inherited land that the locals called Devil’s Hollow." Filled with freaks and the scariest corn maze in the back not get lost or you might not ever be found.

The fifth and final attraction is 'Outbreak' Zombie Paintball, and will be a blast. Take a ride through zombie infested lands on a Battlewagon and pump zombies with paint balls. What could be more fun?

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