Officer Mark Henry resigned after a 28 year long career. What prompted this?

The Seattle police officer who was paid over $100,000 in 2011, was found to have misused his authority to ask out a woman.

In March, a woman who used to be a police officer in Tacoma complained that there weren't enough patrols in her neighborhood. She wrote that her car had been broken into, and she was frustrated when officers admitted they sometimes had slept on the job.

In her complaint, she said that Officer Henry had told her he sometimes slept under a bridge in her neighborhood. Henry had been texting her, even went so far to ask her out. She went to a movie and coffee with Henry, but that's as far as it went. She said she was flattered by his interest, but, "was a little uncomfortable just because I had worked in law enforcement for twelve years and don’t have a, nothing personal, an overall favorable opinion of officers when it comes to relationships."

Officer Henry violated certain department policies prohibiting officers from using their jobs for personal gains. He was also said to have not been using his camera to record his work, which was a requirement.