You've probably seen or heard about the Monday morning crash in the Rite Aid parking lot off Highway 395 in Kennewick, where a man passed out behind the wheel and struck a parked pickup and camper. Benton County Sheriff and Kennewick Police officials say the man had overdosed and blacked out while moving.

Benton County releases bodycam footage of Corporal pulling man from SUV.

In the dramatic footage, Corporal Benitez is seen exiting his Sheriff's cruiser and racing over the SUV, which was on fire.

  Flames shot up and into Benitez's face and hands, forcing him back for a few seconds.

Benitez begins beating on the windows and doors trying to rouse the man, but it quickly becomes apparent he's passed out.

Benitez is beaten back by the flames, but quickly rushes back in and with help from an unknown passerby drags the man from the vehicle.  As Corporal Benitez got him away from the SUV, the passer-by jumps in and helps carry the man. They carry him to safety, and Corporal Benitez makes sure the man is laid down next to the fire truck, where EMS can reach him faster.

Corporal drags man to safety (BCSO video image)
Corporal drags man to safety (BCSO video image)

You can see and hear the KPD fire rigs coming and EMS units quickly took over to care for the man, and fire crews quickly put out the blaze.

It's quite likely had Benitez not gotten him out so fast, the man would have probably suffered worse injuries even with the arrival of the Fire Department, as the flames were billowing up fast.

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The investigation continues, we do not yet know the ID of the victim, or what he took that caused him to blackout behind the wheel, but he is OK, thanks to the Corporal.

See the video below.

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