Great news for Moses Lake as it is poised to be the country's frontrunner in solar power manufacturing as Violet Power has planned to build a manufacturing plant that will bring 500 jobs at first, then eventually employing up to 1000 people in 2021.

This new plant will not only provide a resurgence of economic activity into Grant County’s local economy at a very necessary time, but it will also help the United States advance the goal of obtaining energy independence from countries like China. Violet Power will eventually offer a 50-year solar panel guarantee on modules made in Moses Lake beginning in mid-2021.

Congressman Dan Newhouse (R-Wa) said in a statement, "In Central Washington, we are proud of our all-of-the-above energy portfolio, and I look forward to continuing to work with the men and women at this new manufacturing plant to ensure its success. Violet Power recognizes the potential of Moses Lake and is taking charge to lead the U.S. in solar power technology."

Violet Power's CEO, who's been involved in the U.S. solar industry since the mid-1970s and helped set up America's very first solar panel factory in 1980, hopes to begin production in mid-2021 with a goal of 500 megawatts of solar cells and panels by next year's end. 500 megawatts is but a fraction of the country's solar panel demand, but the long term growth strategy is to eventually have the plant crank out 5 gigawatts of production annually, or roughly one-third of the entire solar panel gigawatt demand in the United States.

Violet Power has already begun recruiting people with manufacturing experience to work in Moses Lake as well as people who can help set up the facility’s HVAC, water and power systems.

The actual price tag of the entire project was not disclosed as the capital money is being raised through private investors, who choose to remain anonymous.

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