Richland Police (and other law enforcement agencies) have posted more information about what parents need to know about their children's online activities.

Periodically, law enforcement departments release new information about what 'perils' are on the web.

One of them has to do with "grooming."  It's one of a number of ways that predators and sex offenders attempt to influence children into a false sense of security with them.

It's where a person, usually an adult, builds up a repoire or trust with a child or teen they've befriended online; the ultimate goal is to cause them harm. It often results in online or even in person sexual exploitation.

Numerous reports indicate youth who have been lured into sex trafficking often have been groomed by an adult, whom they've thought they could trust to meet in person.

Richland Police and other law enforcement officers say any child or teen can be groomed, and it can happen quickly; especially if parents are not aware or don't pay close attention to their online activities.

It isn't just about monitoring them, however, it's also talking with your children about these issues, and letting them know to be careful about whom they interact with online.

Richland Police have released information and provided links to the National Online Safety Facebook and website. It's a often utilized resource by police to provide a wide range of safety tips for children. They range from grooming and predatory precautions, to how to handle various emergencies at home and away.

To get more information about National Online Safety, click on the button below.

 Another way to minimize threats is to ensure your kids are not glued to their screens 8 hours a day. 


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