Superman wears shiny red boots that do not look good on anybody, even the Man of Steel. Maybe Superman, and other crime fighters, should ditch the boots and wear these sneakers inspired by comic book characters.

The Nike Zoom Huarache Trainer Superhero Limited Series

Designed to be worn in the off-season and training camp, the Huarache shoe has been a favorite cross-training shoe for athletes. These shoes were made by Nike for Arizona Cardinals’ wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Nike said that since Fitzgerald moves like a superhero on the field, why not make some Huarache Trainers with superhero themes. Nike came out with three colorways. One shoe represents Superman (red/blue/yellow), one for the Flash (red/yellow) and one for the Green Hornet (green/yellow).


The Adidas Beast Commander Superman

It seems that there have been too many “Supermen” in the NBA. Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard are the most famous players to use that nickname. Maybe it is an Orlando thing? For Howard, Adidas teamed up with DC to make the Adidas Beast Commander Superman. The shoe was released in limited numbers in 2010. We have to hand it to Adidas for the many details they put in this shoe to showcase Superman. The Superman logo is placed on the top of the tongue, back of the heel, and on the out sole. The heel reads “Fortress of Solitude.” The shoes come in ‘Vision Blue’ and ‘White,’ representing the Fortress of Solitude, Superman’s residence. On the back of the tongue, you can find the “UP…UP…AND AWAY” quote.


Captain America World Cup Nike Dunk

A custom shoe company called Sole Junkie came out with the Captain America World Cup Nike Dunk, a shoe designed to support Team USA in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. We could not think of a better hero to represent the USA than Captain America. The USA shield logo replaces Cap’s shield on the shoe. For all you comic book fans, the shield on the shoe looks very similar to Cap’s original shield. On the heel of the shoe, you can see the American flag. This could be the shoe to wear when seeing ‘The Avengers’ film or bust ‘em out every Fourth of July.


Nike SB Iron Man Dunk

If Captain America gets a shoe, then you know that Iron Man / the narcissistic Tony Stark would need his own shoe, too! When ‘Iron Man 2′ came out in theaters, Nike made the Iron Man Dunk available. Nike SB, the skateboard shoe line from Nike, made this creation of suede and patent leather in the Iron Man colors of red, yellow and maroon.


Superhero Dunks

The Nike Dunk shoe is a perfect canvas for shoe artists. Here is a collection of some of the most popular designs of comic book characters on the Nike Dunk. The Batman and Robin shoes are simple, but great. The logo near the heel of the shoe and the costume colors of the dynamic duo on each shoe make them a hot collectible. Daniel Reese, a.k.a. Brass Monki was the man behind the Batman and Robin kicks. The Marvel counterparts of Wolverine and Iron Man display each character in a classic superhero stance.


ACI International DC Shoe Line

Superman, Batman and the Joker – the three most popular DC comic book characters – were featured on shoes made by ACI International. The Superman shoe was limited to only 1,938 pairs. This was to commemorate the year that Superman made his debut (1938). All three shoes were individually numbered for authenticity and came with custom packaging. When the Dark Knight came out, the Batman shoe was released with only 1,939 pairs, equivalent to the year Batman first appeared in the comic book world. Of course not to be outdone, the last shoe to be made was to celebrate The Joker. Only 1,940 pairs of The Joker shoes were made.


Converse Chuck Taylor’s DC Edition

Converse wanted to have their own comic book shoe line, so they worked with DC Comics. Converse used their Chuck Taylor line to showcase Superman, Batman, the Flash and Green Lantern. Converse didn’t just support the heroes; they made a few shoes to represent the villains like the Joker, Two Face and Killer Croc. Converse set up an exclusive account with the store Journeys to sell these DC Chuck Taylors.


Air Jordan IV Doernbecher Superman

The Air Jordan IV is one of the classics from the Air Jordan line. Yet this version of the sneaker has much more meaning behind it than any other version of the Air Jordan IV. Nike wanted to make some dreams come true by giving the patients of the Portland Doernbecher Children’s Hospital a chance to design their own shoe models. So far, this program has raised more than $3 million, with all proceeds going to the Doernbecher Foundation. This shoe was designed by Isaiah Scott from Oregon, whose health issue is Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He was inspired by Superman and Michael Jordan. We have to give props to the kid for his design!

Reebok Freestyle  Wonder Woman

Reebok paid homage to Wonder Woman by giving their Freestyle line a comic book makeover. The shoe sports red metallic coloring on the top of it, with a star-spangled back tab mimicking that of Wonder Woman’s costume. There are also two gold metallic straps to mimic Wonder Woman’s indestructible bracelets.


Adidas X Hellboy II Plan Pack

When the film ‘Hellboy II: The Golden Army’ came out, Adidas jumped at the chance to merchandise a shoe to promote the film. They created two pairs. A sneaker from each pair is showcased in the picture above. The black and red shoe is called the Stan Mid. A red picture of Hellboy is printed on its side. The other shoe is the Forum Mid-Golden Army. Its colors are gold, black and white with Hellboy lettering across the  strap, with an image of Ron Perlman, who plays Hellboy in the film. A total of 5,000 pairs of the Forum Mid-Golden Army were made, while only 1,000 pairs of Stan Mid-Hellboy were made and sold in the Adidas Originals stores.


So there you have it, our list of the top 10 sneakers inspired by comic book characters. We know this goes without saying, but these shoes will not let you leap a building in a single bound, stick to walls,or become the world’s greatest detective. They will just jazz up your wardrobe.